About Us

We are proud to be part of Baker Tilly International, a network of independent audit and consulting services firms in the world, with a combined income of 4.7 billion US dollars.

Our Vision

To be the audit and consulting firm that provides confidence through work with clarity, provided by highly trained personnel and committed to giving the best of each one to contribute locally and internationally to greater public confidence in the auditing-accounting-consulting and legal professional sector.

As an audit and consulting company, we combine our capabilities to convey security, public confidence, and clarity, consolidating your strategy through a high-quality service, which requires us to maintain a high standard of updating.

Our Mission

Provide high-quality customized services. Guided and committed to our values, we work together with our collaborators to improve and support the entrepreneur, thus contributing to a better future for our country.

Our Values

  • Trust – Create bonds of trust between the client and the consultant
  • Responsibility – Taking responsibility for our actions
  • Integrity – Being authentic and upright at all times
  • Leadership – Demonstrate leadership in what we do
  • Passion – Maintain the passion to improve and be better
  • Quality – Provide quality in the service we provide
  • Respect – Ensure respect for people

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Baker Tilly Guatemala it is a constant objective to maintain our attention focused on the providing professional services for those clients and potential clients who are committed to carrying out programs for the benefit of their collaborators, the communities to which they belong and to Guatemalan society in general.

Experience and Customized Service

Partners, directors, and managers of Baker Tilly Guatemala have earned a great reputation and credibility through an experience of more than 35 years of professional practice in Guatemalan territory, a period in which we have provided our services to a wide variety of customers representing almost all sectors of our economy. They range from service and financial institutions, industrial and commercial companies, governmental and non-profit institutions, and trusts financed with funds from international entities.

The team designated to work with your organization will always be available at any time of the year to attend your needs and queries. The relationship in which professionals undertake to meet your requirements in a personal, efficient, effective, and timely manner in any of our specializations.

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