Baker Tilly International

Baker Tilly International is the eighth largest network of independent audit and consulting services firms in the world, with a combined income of 3.6 billion US dollars. 154 independent firms from Baker Tilly International in 133 countries provide accounting, security, tax and business consulting services to privately owned and publicly-owned companies around the world.

Baker Tilly Guatemala is an independent firm of Baker Tilly International Limited, that at the same time, is an English company that does not provide professional services to customers. Each member firm constitutes a separate and independent legal entity, which is how each one describes itself. Baker Tilly UK Group LLP is the owner of the Baker Tilly brand. Baker Tilly Guatemala is not an agent of Baker Tilly International and lacks the authority to engage Baker Tilly International or to act on behalf of Baker Tilly International. Neither Baker Tilly International, Baker Tilly Guatemala nor any other member firm is responsible for the acts or omissions of each.




  • Offer world-class services and be widely respected in the business community where we operate.
  • To be recognized as experts in the areas of their competence.



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